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About Me

I have been an avid climber, dancer, and a periodic psychedelic (and non-psychedelic) journeyer for more than 20 years. I have also experienced chronic pain/injuries and loss. I bring all these things with me into my work and particularly enjoy working with other humans who are exploring sex/sexuality, movement,  spirituality, or who are navigating grief or pain.


I recognize that my able-bodied, white, queer, kinky, cis-male self exists in a social system characterized by many inequities. These things certainly affect the interactions I have in the world, especially in therapy. Awareness of my own privileges along with the complexity and cost they may carry has been an important part of my journey.


I know that it can take a great deal of courage to reach out and share your feelings, your stories, and yourself. I am dedicated to providing an atmosphere of warmth, compassion, and respect, where my clients can be seen, heard, and understood. 

I have training in somatic psychology, Motivational Interviewing, ISTDP (Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy), sex therapy, and Internal Family Systems.

I specialize in working with: 

  • Kink/BDSM

  • Relationships (monogamous, monogamish, open, poly, etc)

  • Sex, intimacy, and communication 

  • Sexuality/Asexuality

  • Gender

  • Psychedelic integration

  • Wealth/money

  • Spirituality

  • Chronic pain or illness

  • All of the places these things intersect

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