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Couple/Relationship Therapy

Relationships are hard. 


Even if you feel hopeless, couples (or relationship) therapy can help provide clarity, improve communication, and facilitate healing for you and your relationship(s). Most often it’s not you or your partner(s) that are the problem, but the cycles and habits you are both/all stuck in. 


At this point you may have noticed my use of plurals and language implying that what I do is not limited to therapy with two people. I work with all configurations of relationships, from monogamous to non-monogamous relationships.


Couples therapy can facilitate: 

  • An increased sense of love, intimacy, and understanding with each other

  • Increased capacity for growth and exploration together and individually

  • More physically, emotionally, even perhaps spiritually satisfying sex

  • Greater ease and sense of safety with each other


My approach to couple/relationship therapy is first to help build safety for all to explore what’s happening in your relationship(s) and within yourself. Slowing down and focusing on somatic and emotional awareness allows us to get beyond each person's narrative about the relationship and about their partner(s) and begin to re-learn about the other person(s) with less judgment and more curiosity.


We tend to experience the most hurtful and destructive patterns with those we love the most. I will help you identify the ways you have become stuck in negative cycles/patterns and learn how you got there. This process furthers a sense of mutual understanding and trust that is the groundwork for the next stage: establishing more productive communication habits about your needs, desires, and emotions. 


I specialize in working with people navigating:

  • Communication difficulties

  • Nonmonogamy, opening or closing relationships

  • Unsatisfying sex (including sexual pain, anorgasmia, premature ejaculation) 

  • Lack of intimacy

  • Mismatched libidos

  • Kink and BDSM

  • Infidelity/boundary violations

  • Conflict skills

  • Commitment

  • Trauma

  • Gender transition in relationship

  • Shame

  • Resentment

  • Relationship hygiene

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