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Sex Therapy

I identify as a sex geek. Even before becoming a therapist, I have sought to better understand the many powerful experiences we as humans have around sex and relationships. I have yet to tire of learning and talking about sex and the many incredible and varied spectra of sexual experience and the ways we as people find pleasure.


I work from a non-judgmental, queer-affirming, nuerodiversity affirming, sex-positive, kink-positive, poly-affirming, sex worker-positive, and trauma informed perspective, but more than that, I am myself queer, kinky, and non-monogamous. I offer my clients inside knowledge and not just book learning. I understand that knowing one kinky/poly/queer/neurodivergent person, means I know one kinky/poly/queer/neurodivergent person. The rest really has to be learned with curiosity, humility, and time.


As a sex therapist I also specifically work with individuals, couples, or multiples who may be navigating: 

  • Sexual pain 

  • Distress around orgasms that come quicker or slower than one would like or not at all

  • Sex-related aversions or phobias

  • Body acceptance/dysmorphia

  • The deeply strange concept of virginity

  • Libido mismatches

  • Out of control sexual behavior (whether around porn, sex workers, apps, etc)

  • Sexual shame

  • Troubling fantasies

  • Sexual and gender orientation 

  • Asexuality and aromantic spectrum

  • Feeling disconnected or numb during sex

  • Communicating needs and desires

  • Healing trauma through kink

  • Consent and boundaries

  • Sex work

  • Somatic awareness

  • Interracial/cross-cultural relationships

  • Dating

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