My Approach

As a therapist, I am here to witness and support your process of transformation and growth. A large part of the benefit of therapy comes from your experience of the therapeutic relationship, for this reason I always strive to nurture, and explore this relationship with you through honest, open, and straightforward communication.

Whether you often experience overwhelming emotions, emotional numbness, or anything in between, connecting to your body can help restore balance to your life. Following your own pace, we will work to help you communicate more effectively with the parts of yourself that may have become alienated, suppressed, repressed, or shamed into silence. Sensations inform us of our emotional states, and by heightening your awareness of this internal world, you can begin building a more integrated and empowered version of yourself capable of greater intimacy in relationships.

All of this can seem quite abstract, but therapy is also about grounding these new experiences in your own physical, relational, historical, and cultural contexts, and beginning to practice verbalizing yourself in ways that increase your potential for intimacy and help you stand up for what you want and need in the world.

Our social context is not friendly to many parts of our nature. Therapy is a place where these “unacceptable”, “inappropriate”, or unexplored parts are welcome to enjoy space and expression. Good therapy embraces this through collaboratively establishing a structure that works for you, making time for what feels important, and ensuring a safe, strong, and non-judgmental container to hold whatever comes up.

I welcome people of all shapes, textures, hues, and flavors in my practice. I am passionate about working with all the letters (LGBTQIQA etc), as well as with those in open, poly, and kink relationships. Whatever your internal or external life experiences, my goal is to help you come to a more complete integration of your whole self.