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My Approach

As a therapist, I am here to support you in your process of transformation and growth. Therapy can be about sharing the shameful, and vulnerable, but it is also about appreciating the exciting, joyful, and ironic. Part of my job is to help ground your experiences in their physical, relational, spiritual, social, political, and historical contexts. Whatever your internal or external life experiences, my goal is to help you become more of yourself.

Therapeutic modalities I practice:


A large part of the benefit of therapy comes from your experience of the therapeutic relationship. I always strive to nurture, and explore this relationship with open, straightforward communication and a sense of humor.


The body is a wealth of insight and information about oneself. Slowing down, breathing, and taking a moment to tune into yourself can be soothing, while also highlighting anything from emerging feelings/desires to past traumas.

Internal Family Systems

As humans, we have multiple, often contradictory parts. Therapy is a non-judgmental container where “unacceptable”, “inappropriate”, shamed, hurt, or unexplored parts are welcome and can express their experiences. The language of IFS is a way to explore things we’d rather not be thinking/feeling while acknowledging it’s only a part of our experience.


Motivational Interviewing and harm reduction 

Change only happens when you are ready to change. I welcome people to show up where they are, work at their own pace, and advocate for changes they need along the way.


I welcome everyone, all shapes, textures, hues, and flavors of humans in my practice. That includes intersections of gender, sexuality, relationship style, melanin content, cultural heritage, etc.

My specialties include working with: kink/BDSM, sex and out of control sexual behavior, relationships, sexual and gender identity, spirituality, psychedelic integration, trauma, wealth, chronic pain/illness. I happily engage with clients on anything from single, short term goals, to long term growth.

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